About Us

Wood Jewelers and RLWood Designs

We have been in the Fine Jewelry, Gem and Diamond business for over 25 years. We are located in Marquette, MI. It is in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and is known as Hiawathaland and was listed as Americas Most Livable Region. If you want to know about our background, our experience, our knowledge, and, most of all, why you should buy from us, we could write pages, almost a book.

We think you'll find that we are your best choice of a personal jeweler because of our knowledge and experience in the ability to attain quality and value at fantastic prices.

We are specialists in the design and manufacture of fine jewelry. What that means is many of our pieces are either made in our jewelry shop completely or partially. Doing that, we can get the quality and the price exactly right.

We want your business. Sure. So does everybody else. We feel that we have to earn your business to deserve your business. How do we accomplish that? By working smarter, not always just harder. By coming early and staying late. By searching out better values for our customers in the marketplace.

Most of all, we guarantee your purchase. If you're not pleased, just send it back. When we ship your order, we want you to be just absolutely delighted when you open the box. We want you to feel that you have really received superior value for your hard earned money. We focus all of our skill and effort to create what we consider to be the very best value to you.

With years of experience, we present ourselves to you as uniquely qualified to serve you, and, perhaps most importantly, to bring a meaningful smile to that special someone you're buying for. The gift of giving... let us help you be an expert in getting smiles on a happy face.
My Personal Guarantee!

Robert Wood